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Introduction of a Vickers M300 analyser into the routine service of a hospital laboratory. 2. Tests, methods, evaluation.
  1. M D Buckley-Sharp,
  2. A L Miller,
  3. J F Stevens,
  4. L R Worsley,
  5. F R Yeomans


    A Vickers M300 analyser has been introduced into a busy hospital laboratory; a profile of 13 biochemical tests is currently provided. Analytical performance has been assessed over one year of routine service operation, and mechanical performance has been assessed over two separate three-month periods. At its best, the M300 achieves high standards of precision and accuracy and has the advantage of unrivalled speed. Enzyme assay methods are less satisfactory than the kinetic assays in current use. Random analytical errors occur and are difficult to detect. The restricted facilities of the integral process-control computer are inadequate for effective quality control.

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