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Histometry of lymphoid infiltrate in the thyroid of primary thyrotoxicosis patients. Relation of extent of thyroiditis to preoperative drug treatment and postoperative hypothyroidism.
  1. R J Young,
  2. M B Sherwood,
  3. J G Simpson,
  4. A G Nicol,
  5. W Michie,
  6. J S Beck


    The thyroids of primary thyrotoxicosis patients prepared for partial thyroidectomy with propranolol contained much more lymphoid infiltrate than those prepared with carbimazole. No relation was found between the extent of lymphoid infiltrate in the thyroid and the development of postoperative hypothyroidism either between or within the two drug treatment groups. This study has shown that the extent of thyroid infiltrate should not be used as the major factor in predicting hypothyroidism after subtotal thyroidectomy for primary thyrotoxicosis.

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