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Classification of smooth muscle autoantibodies detected by immunofluorescence.
  1. G F Bottazzo,
  2. A Florin-Christensen,
  3. A Fairfax,
  4. G Swana,
  5. D Doniach,
  6. U Groeschel-Stewart


    Three hundred and twelve sera containing antibodies to smooth muscle (SMA) wer analysed for the immunofluorescence patterns they produced in various tissues. A classification is described based on the three main appearances in rat kidney. Some sera, mainly of low titre, reacted only with vessel walls (SMA-V), some stained vessels and renal glomeruli (SMA-G) and high titre sera, mainly from patients with chronic active hepatitis stained vessels, glomeruli, and intracellular fibrils in renal tubules (SMA-T). Peripheral staining in hepatocytes or thyroid cells was not a regular feature. 41/43 polyclonal SMA-T and -G sera were absorbed out completely by actin, and this also removed the pericullular staining in liver and thyroid when present. High titre SMA-V antibodies could not be absorbed by actin, and the antigen remains to be identified.

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