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An alternative method for inactivating heteroagglutinins in human sera applicable to rubella haemagglutination inhibition testing at low dilutions.
  1. P P Mortimer


    Serum agglutinins of chick and pigeon cells are predominantly immunoglobulin M and can be inactivated by 2 mercaptoethanol. 2 Mercaptoethanol is more effective than strong suspensions of red cells in removing the agglutinins of indicator cells from sera being prepared for HAI tests. In rubella HAI tests from a dilution of 1 to 10 dilute 2 mercaptoethanol offer a convenient method of removing agglutinins, and, at higher concentration, allow dilutions of sera from 1 in 2-5 to be tested without significant interference by heteroagglutinins. HAI titres are comparable when red cell absorbed and 2 mercaptoethanol treated sera are tested in parallel.

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