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Sea-blue histiocytosis associated with hyperlipidaemia.
  1. A C Parker,
  2. A D Bain,
  3. W G Brydon,
  4. R A Harkness,
  5. A F Smith,
  6. I I Smith,
  7. D H Boyd


    A patient with sea-blue histiocytosis in spleen and bone marrow with an accompanying hyperlipidaemia is described. The hyperlipidaemia was due to an increase in "free" cholesterol, lecithin, and triglycerides. Despite these findings lecithin-cholesterol acyl transferase activity was normal. Although the precise biochemical defect was not identified, there was a failure of transport of cholesterol from chylomicrons in vitro. We propose that the sea-blue histiocyte is a marker, in some cases, of abnormal lipid metabolism.

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