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A comparative study of passive haemagglutination methods for the detection of hepatitis B surface antigen in routine hospital practice.
  1. M J Withers,
  2. G V McCahill,
  3. P D Griffiths,
  4. R B Heath,
  5. J R Pattison,
  6. D S Dane


    Two passive haemagglutination methods for detecting HBsAg were compared. In general, the method using turkey erythrocytes was found preferable to the method employing sheep cells since it is more rapid and more sensitive, and less frequently gave rise to false positive reactions with sera from staff, blood donors, and patients not receiving haemodialysis. The turkey cell test gives rise to more false positive screen tests than the sheep cell test when monitoring renal dialysis patients since approximately 10% of the sera of these patients were found to contain turkey cell agglutinins, but this presents no particular difficulty if the recommended absorption procedures are used.

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