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Presumptive identification and antibiotic susceptibility of group B streptococci.
  1. A M Jokipii,
  2. L Jokipii


    The comparative performance of three presumptive identification tests for group B haemolytic streptococci was investigated, using 371 different clinical isolates of group B streptococci. Hippurate was hydrolysed by 96-1%, the CAMP reaction was positive in 95-0%, and pigment was produced by 97-3%. A combination of any two tests would have detected over 99-8%. On bile esculin agar 99-0% were able to grow, but non hydrolysed esculin; 5-1% were susceptible to bacitracin. The minimum inhibitory concentrations of five antibiotics for 279 group B streptococci were determined. All were susceptible to penicillin G, ampicillin, cephalothin, and erythromycin, while 80% were resistant to tetracycline. The MIC distributions were independent of the results of any identification test.

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