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Twice weekly prophylactic therapy in haemophilia A.
  1. A Aronstam,
  2. P J Kirk,
  3. J McHardy,
  4. J W Culver-James,
  5. D S McLellan,
  6. P Turk,
  7. S G Rainsford,
  8. M Slattery


    Factor VIII-containing materials were administered to four severely affected haemophiliacs twice weekly in doses calculated to raise the factor VIII level to either 15% or 30% of average normal. The pooled results from those patients with statistically similar baseline bleeding frequencies showed a significant reduction in bleeding frequency on both doses in the first 48 hours. The 30% dose produced a more significant reduction than the 15% dose in the first 24 hours, but there was no significant difference between the two doses in the second 24 hours. It appears that to reduce the bleeding frequency of severely affected haemophiliacs by 60% would require a two-and-a-half-fold increase in therapeutic materials. A 90% reduction would need nine times the amount of material currently in use.

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