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Bacteriological findings in cultures of clinical material from Bartholin's abscess.
  1. M W Wren


    Purulent exudate from 28 cases of Bartholin's abscess were examined for aerobic, anaerobic, and microaerophilic bacteria. Three cases gave no bacterial growth, five cases grew facultative bacteria only, and a further three grew a mixture of facultative and anaerobic bacteria. One case gave a pure growth of a microaerophilic streptococcus. Anaerobic bacteria were the only isolates in 16 cases and Bacteroides species were the most common organisms isolated; they were present as 62.5% of the total anaerobes cultured and accounted for 45.4% of the total bacteria cultured. Escherichia coli was the most common of the facultative organisms, accounting for 18% of the total bacteria. Most infections seemed to be caused by a single organism, anaerobic types predominating.

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