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Test reproducibility of the API (20E), Enterotube, and Pathotec systems.
  1. B Holmes,
  2. W R Willcox,
  3. S P Lapage,
  4. H Malnick


    Thirty-three strains of bacteria (30 Enterobacteriaceae and one strain each of Aeromonas formicans, A. hydrophila, and Plesiomonas shigelloides) were tested three times in each of 27 conventional tests and in the API, Enterotube, and Pathotec systems. The results obtained were analysed for test reproducibility within each kit, correlation of the kit tests with the equivalent conventional media, and the identification of the strains by the kits. Difficulties in evaluation and comparison of identifications are discussed. A practical evaluation of the kits was also made.

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