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Abnormal lipoproteins in multiple myelomatosis.
  1. A Avgerinos,
  2. P Skliros,
  3. J Pyrovolakis,
  4. D Stathakos


    In a study of the lipoprotein pattern in multiple myelomatosis electrophoresis on agarose gel showed abnormal lipoproteins, named paralipoproteins (p-Lp), in 24 out of 30 normolipidaemic patients. These paralipoproteins were grouped according to their mobility into one or another of the following types: (1) p-Lp1 with a mobility identical with that of gamma-globulin, (2) p-Lp2 with a mobility between that of beta- and gamma-globulin, (3) p-Lp3 with a mobility identical with that of beta-globulin. On ultracentrifugation the abnormal lipoproteins were found to have a density above 1-063 g/ml.

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