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Haemoglobin A2 levels in vitamin B12 and folate deficiency.
  1. L A Henshaw,
  2. J L Tizzard,
  3. K Booth,
  4. M E Beard


    Haemoglobin A2 levels were measured in 50 patients with vitamin B12 deficiency, 50 patients with folate deficiency, and six patients with combined deficiencies of these vitamins. All were normal except for three patients with vitamin B12 deficiency, who had a slightly elevated Hb A2 level; this fell to normal after vitamin B12 therapy. It is concluded that haemoglobin A2 levels are usually normal in vitamin B12 or folate deficiency. However, raised levels of haemoglobin A2 may be found, but these are not as high as is found in beta thalassaemia trait and should not cause difficutly in diagnosis.

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