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Antibody to hepatitis B surface antigen in haemophiliacs on long-term therapy with Scottish factor VIII.
  1. C J Burrell,
  2. S H Black,
  3. D M Ramsay


    Thirty-five patients with haemophilia A were studied clinically and serologically between 1971-2 and 1975-6 for evidence of hepatitis B infection. One patient suffered from clinical hepatitis B, and a further eight patients showed antibody responses to hepatitis B surface antigen (HBsAg) consistent with exposure to HBsAg during this period. No evidence for HBsAg exposure was found in 14 patients, while the remaining 12 patients had high titres of antibody to HBsAg at both times and no inferences could be drawn about HBsAg exposure. All patients had received exclusively replacement factor VIII material prepared locally from HBsAg-screened voluntary Scottish blood donations. From the details of the therapy given we calculated that the rate of HBsAg seroconversion in these patients represented about 0.3 HBsAg-containing donations/1000 donations.

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