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Purification of specific precipitinogen and extraction of endotoxin from Haemophilus influenzae.
  1. J C van der Zwan,
  2. J Dankert,
  3. K de Vries,
  4. N G Orie,
  5. H F Kauffman


    After purifying a Haemophilus influenzae precipitinogen from endotoxic activity by means of ultracentrifugation, column chromatography (Sepharose 6B) and ion exchange chromatography (DEAE Sephadex A25) a fraction was obtained which still contained a specific precipitinogen that was virtually free of endotoxin. Furthermore, during the chromatographic procedures fractions with a high and a low molecular weight endotoxic activity were found. The limulus lysate test was more sensitive in the high molecular weight fractions and the LD50 in mice in the low molecular weight fractions with endotoxic activity.

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