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Serum elastase and its inhibitors in the blood of heavily burnt patients.
  1. M Miskulin,
  2. F Moati,
  3. A M Robert,
  4. L Robert,
  5. R Monteil,
  6. J Guilbaud


    Serum elastase and its inhibitors were determined in the sera of heavily burnt patients. Serum elastase levels were elevated at two to eight days after a severe burn-accident and returned towards normal values from the 10th day on. Both alpha1-antitrypsin and alpha2-macroglobulin levels were also elevated in the sera of heavily burnt patients. alpha1-Antitrypsin showed a parallel evolution to the elastase level but alpha2-macroglobulin followed a somewhat different time curve. Plasminogen and antithrombin were not elevated significantly. It is suggested that serum elastase may play a role in tissue degradation in burnt patients.

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