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Distribution in clinical material and identification of Pseudomonas maltophilia.
  1. B Holmes,
  2. S P Lapage,
  3. B G Easterling


    During the 10-year period ending March 1976, 128 (8.5%) of 1506 strains of Gram-negative non-fermentative bacteria submitted to the National Collection of Type Cultures for computer-assisted identification have been strains of Pseudomonas maltophilia. These figures suggest that Ps. maltophilia is both a relatively common species in clinical material in the United Kingdom and also that many laboratories experience difficulty in identifying this species. We report the sources from which our strains were isolated and also characteristics of the species by which it may be recognised. The clinical significance of Ps maltophilia is discussed and also the susceptibility of this species to certain antimicrobial agents.

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