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EB virus-specific IgA in serum of patients with infectious mononucleosis and of healthy people of different ages.
  1. J M Edwards,
  2. M Woodroof


    The following sera were tested for EB virus-specific IgA: serial sera from 61 cases of infectious mononucleosis (IM) and from 195 EBV IgG positive healthy students; single sera from each of 1469 persons of different ages, 63 cases of untreated Hodgkin's disease, and 22 neonates. EBV specific IgA was found in the sera from 88% of cases of IM, from 18.5% of EBV IgG positive healthy students, and in 13.5% of repeat samples from the same students three years later. The incidence of EBV IgA varied from 5 to 30% at different ages in single sera from EBV IgG positive persons aged 2 to 70 years. The higher percentages occurred in the age groups where recent sero-conversion rates were high. Fifteen percent of sera from cases of Hodgkin's disease were positive for EBV IgA, an incidence similar to that for healthy adults in the age group 25-45 years. None of the EBV IgG positive sera from neonates gave a positive reaction for EBV IGA.

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