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Splenomegaly and splenectomy in sarcoidosis.
  1. A K Webb,
  2. D N Mitchell,
  3. C M Bradstreet,
  4. A J Salsbury


    The natural history of 30 patients with sarcoidosis who showed histological evidence of granulomatous involvement of the spleen has been studied; 24 patients had splenomegaly, 16 of whom had splenectomy. The main indication for splenectomy was splenomegaly and resultant discomfort. Corticosteroids reduced spleen size but reduction or withdrawal of the relatively high dosage required resulted in rebound splenomegaly within a period of three months to three years. Haematological abnormalities were controlled by splenectomy in all patients so affected, but the natural history of their sarcoidosis remained unaltered.

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