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A sensitive single reverse passive haemagglutination test for detecting both HBsAg and anti-HBs.
  1. J A Barbara,
  2. P J Harrison,
  3. D R Howell,
  4. T E Cleghorn,
  5. D S Dane,
  6. M Briggs,
  7. C H Cameron


    A trial of a modified reverse passive haemagglutination test for HBsAg using a 0.1% cell suspension instead of the recommended 1% showed an approximately eight-fold increase in detection sensitivity. The test can be performed within 30 minutes and lends itself to mass screening techniques. Confirmation tests can be done using the 0.1% method. In addition, the same serological plates and cells used for HBsAg screening can then be used to screen for high-titre anti-HBs. This makes the overall screening for both HBsAg and high-titre anti-HBs donors cheap and convenient.

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