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Identification of Pseudomonas pseudomallei in the clinical laboratory.
  1. L R Ashdown


    Ninety-one strains of Pseudomonas pseudomallei were tested in the API 20E system and in equivalent conventional tests. Except for utilisation of citrate there was good correlation between API and conventional tests. Seven-digit profiles were constructed from each strain after 48 hours' incubation, and numerical codes 2 006 727, 2 206 706, 2 206 707, and 2 206 727 accounted for 77% of strains tested. API 20 E, in combination with tests for heat stability of alkaline phosphatase, resistance to colistin and gentamicin, oxidative attack only of glucose, and acid from maltose, was found to provide a simple method for positive identification of all strains of this organism in two days.

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