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Performance of exhaust-protective (class I) biological 'safety' cabinets.
  1. S W Newsom


    Nineteen open-fronted (class I) safety cabinets were subjected to spore containment and airflow tests, which suggested that a flow of 0.75 m/s was the minimum required for safe operation; further tests on three of the cabinets were repeated at different air speeds and confirmed this. The airflow is required to overcome the effect of laboratory or external air currents. Contamination of surfaces (including the operator's hands) by aerosols liberated inside the cabinets was investigated and found to depend more on turbulence within the cabinet (as from a restricted front opening) than on the number of air changes. The findings suggest that the product protection provided by a well-designed class I cabinet might equal that of a class II (laminar flow) unit.

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