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A survey of the sensitivity of fresh clinical isolates to cefuroxime and other antibiotics.
  1. L O Potaschmacher,
  2. C H Dash,
  3. K A Jefferson,
  4. M R Kennedy


    The sensitivities to cefuroxime and cephradine of potentially pathogenic bacteria isolated in two British general hospitals comprising 900 beds have been assessed. In a three-month period 2537 strains were studied; 30 microgram cefuroxime discs were used with 2511 strains, and cephradine discs of the same strength were used with 2525 strains. The organisms were also examined routinely for sensitivity to other antibiotics. Overall, 91.7% of the isolates were sensitive to cefuroxime and 85.8% were inhibited by cephradine, the differences in percentage strain susceptibility to cefuroxime and cephradine being mainly a result of the greater activity of cefuroxime against the Gram-negative bacteria. The wide antibacterial effectiveness of cefuroxime should make it a useful antibiotic for the treatment of serious infections including those conditions in which the causative organism has not been identified.

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