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Determination of plasma malondialdehyde-like material and its clinical application in stroke patients.
  1. M T Santos,
  2. J Valles,
  3. J Aznar,
  4. J Vilches


    Plasma malondialdehyde-like material (MDA-LM) was evaluated in 138 normal subjects and in a group of 57 stroke patients using a modification of the method of Smith et al. (1976). The basal level of MDA-LM in the control group was 35 mumol/l with a range of 22-50 mumol/l. Values above 50 mumol/l were found in 80% of the patients suffering from subarachnoid haemorrhage, in 68% of those with cerebral thrombosis, and in 17% with transient ischaemic attacks. None of the patients with cerebral embolism, intracerebral haematoma, or lacunar infarct had values above 50 mumol/l. Significant statistical differences were found between the control group and all the patients except those with lacunar infarcts.

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