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Serial urinary and cervical cytological studies in women undergoing renal transplantation.
  1. C J Ingoldby,
  2. N A McWhinney,
  3. E Wachtel,
  4. J E Castro


    Cervical dysplasia has been reported to occur more frequently in female renal transplant patients. The incidence of pre-existing dysplasia is unknown. A prospective study of several urinary and cervical cytological screenings of 50 transplant patients was undertaken. Two of 38 patients studied before transplantation had pre-existing dysplasia. No new cases of dysplasia were found during the study (mean surveillance 3 years). A high incidence of urinary viral infection was found, but a relation to cervical dysplasia was not noted. The frequency of cervical abnormalities previously reported might have been due to different immunosuppressive regimes or to failure to exclude pre-existing disease. Despite the low incidence of abnormalities the use of cytological screening provided valuable reassurance to our patients, and its use is recommended.

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