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Distribution of fibronectin in normal and diseased human kidneys.
  1. A J Dixon,
  2. J Burns,
  3. M S Dunnill,
  4. J O McGee


    The distribution of fibronectin in 42 renal biopsies was investigated using an indirect immunoperoxidase technique on paraffin sections of formalin-fixed material. Biopsies were obtained from normal human kidneys and from patients with a variety of glomerular disorders. In normal glomeruli, fibronectin was present in Bowman's capsule, in the mesangium, and outlining peripheral capillary loops. A significant increase in fibronectin was observed in most types of glomerulopathy with a distribution closely related to the histopathological diagnosis. Fibronectin was diminished or absent in segmental scars, old diabetic nodules, and hyalinised glomeruli.

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