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Mixed hepatoblastoma in the adult: case report and review of the literature.
  1. R P Honan,
  2. M T Haqqani


    A case of mixed hepatoblastoma in a woman is described. A survey of the English literature reveals 13 cases acceptable as mixed hepatoblastoma; these have been described and published under a variety of names. Difficulties in nomenclature and the histology of these cases are discussed. Diagnosis depends on the identification of both malignant mesenchymal and malignant epithelial elements. The former include myxoid connective tissue resembling primitive mesenchyme and areas resembling adult fibrosarcoma. Mature fibrous tissue with calcification and bone formation may be seen. Epithelial areas show tissue resembling fetal liver, poorly differentiated epithelial cells, and/or areas of adenocarcinoma. The current view on histogenesis is also given.

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