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Angiofollicular and plasmacytic polyadenopathy: a pseudotumourous syndrome with dysimmunity.
  1. J Diebold,
  2. M Tulliez,
  3. A Bernadou,
  4. J Audouin,
  5. G Tricot,
  6. M Reynes,
  7. G Bilski-Pasquier


    Two cases are reported of an apparently distinct type of immune disorder. Beginning with mild anaemia and widespread massive lymphadenopathy, the disease progressed to a fatal autoimmune type haemolytic anaemia. Serum investigation showed polyclonal hypergamma-globulinaemia and some autoantibodies. Repeat lymph node biopsies in each case showed hyperplasia within B lymphocyte territory (follicular hyperplasia and polyclonal plasmacytosis with IgG predominance) and atrophy of T dependent areas. Dilatation of lymph sinuses, vascular proliferation, and sclerosis were striking features. This appears to be a new entity, and reasons are given for separating this disease from other pseudotumourous lymph node disorders associated with dysimmunity.

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