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A comparative trial of liver biopsy needles.
  1. M C Bateson,
  2. D Hopwood,
  3. H L Duguid,
  4. I A Bouchier


    A sheathed needle (Tru-Cut) was compared with a suction biopsy needle (Menghini) in a randomised prospective trial over 18 months to determine whether the former offered any special advantages in routine percutaneous liver biopsy. Seventy-seven consecutive biopsies were performed by a single operator. Although biopsy fragmentation was commoner with the suction needle, the length and volume of the largest core obtained was similar to results with the sheathed needle. Cytology provided useful additional information with the Menghini technique. The suction needle was repeatedly reusable and considerably cheaper than the sheathed needle, which may be used once only.

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