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Acute phase proteins, C9, factor B, and lysozyme in recurrent oral ulceration and Behçet's syndrome.
  1. T Lehner,
  2. M Adinolfi


    The concentrations and sequential changes of some acute phase proteins, factor B, and lysozyme have been assayed in recurrent oral ulceration and Behçet's syndrome. C9 was elevated in both groups of patients and was the sensitive index of disease activity; however, it failed to discriminate between the three types of recurrent oral ulcers and four types of Behçet's syndrome. The level of alpha 1 acid glycoprotein and lysozyme were significantly increased predominantly in the ocular type, whereas factor B was significantly increased especially in the neurological type of Behçet's syndrome. It is suggested that the changes in the concentrations of some plasma proteins may help our understanding of tissue involvement in Behçet's syndrome, as well as in the selection of therapeutic agents in this disease.

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