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Lysosomal naphthylamidase activity as a possible aid in cytological screening.
  1. J A Millett,
  2. Y Chin,
  3. L Bitensky,
  4. J Chayen,
  5. O Husain


    Lysosomal naphthylamidase activity has been measured microdensitometrically in cells in samples obtained by cervical and vaginal irrigation from 22 cases cytologically graded I and II, 28 graded III (moderate to severe dysplasia), 22 graded IV (carcinoma in situ), and 15 cases (grade V) of invasive carcinoma. There was a statistically significant difference in this activity in the cells from cases of grade V as against those in the relatively normal samples (grades I and II; p < 0.001) and as against those of grade IV (p < 0.005). The method is sufficiently robust for routine use provided that it is recognised that elevated activities can be found as a consequence of other factors such as previous surgical intervention and infection with herpes simplex.

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