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Rubella antibody determination from heparinised finger-tip blood by single radial haemolysis and enzyme immunoassay.
  1. A Vaheri,
  2. P Väänänen,
  3. E M Salonen,
  4. J Suni


    Rubella antibodies were determined by single radial haemolysis (SRH) and a micromodification of enzyme immunoassay (EIA) of samples of heparinised finger-tip blood or plasma collected into transportable vials, and the results were compared with antibody titres obtained from conventional samples of venous serum. The antibody titres of finger-tip specimens gave a high correlation with those of venous serum. For SRH only 5 microliters of heat-inactivated finger-tip plasma was needed, and for EIA only a single dilution, 1:100, in duplicate, of heparinised finger-tip plasma or while blood was sufficient. The minimal inconvenience in sample collection makes the finger-tip test particularly suitable for large-scale immunity screening when assessing the need for, or efficacy of, rubella vaccination.

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