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Simplified procedure for the routine isolation of Clostridium difficile from faeces.
  1. S P Borriello,
  2. P Honour


    The use of alcohol, at a final concentration of 50%, as a selective procedure for the isolation of Clostridium difficile was compared to a selective medium containing 250 microgram /ml of cycloserine and 10 microgram /ml of cefoxitin. Of 266 faecal samples 82 were shown to be positive by one or other method. Seventy-seven (94%) of these were detected by the selective agar (SA) and 72 (88%) by the alcohol procedure (AP). Ten samples (12%) were positive only by SA and five samples (6%) by AP only. The AP was further modified so that all manipulations prior to incubation were performed on the open bench. Of 18 positive samples, 18 (100%) were detected by SA and 16 (89%) by AP.

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