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Hypothesis: when is a seminoma not a seminoma?
  1. D Raghavan,
  2. E Heyderman,
  3. P Monaghan,
  4. J Gibbs,
  5. E Ruoslahti,
  6. M J Peckham,
  7. A M Neville


    A xenograft line, HX 53, has been established in immune-suppressed mice from a specimen of a lymph node metastasis in a patient with a histological diagnosis of seminoma but with markedly raised circulating levels of alpha-fetoprotein. Histological, immunocytochemical, and ultrastructural studies of this xenograft line have suggested that a solid variant of yolk sac carcinoma may exist, which morphologically resembles seminoma, or that a continuum of differentiation exists between seminoma and yolk sac carcinoma.

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