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Spleen function and platelet kinetics.
  1. I Klonizakis,
  2. A M Peters,
  3. M L Fitzpatrick,
  4. M J Kensett,
  5. S M Lewis,
  6. J P Lavender


    In patients suffering from various platelet abnormalities, quantitative scanning after injection of indium-111 (111In) labelled platelets showed three different patterns of platelet destruction and distribution. In patients with a normal platelet life span but with evidence of increased splenic pooling, the spleen tended to be the main site of destruction. In patients with a moderately reduced platelet life span, the distribution of destruction in the system and variable destruction in the marrow. However, because of its rapidity this destruction was difficult to quantify, and it was difficult in these cases to distinguish reliably between spleen pool, sequestration, and destruction. Destruction of platelets on the liver appeared to be unimportant in all three groups. 111In, because of its physical characteristics, is preferable to chromium-51 as a platelet label in the assessment of abnormal platelet kinetics.

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