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Flavobacterium meningosepticum infection: an epidemiological study in a newborn nursery.
  1. M L Thong,
  2. S D Puthucheary,
  3. E L Lee


    After an outbreak of flavobacterium meningitis in the newborn nursery of the University Hospital, an investigation was carried out to determine the possible sources of this organisms in the nursery. Various serotypes of the organism were recovered from a variety of sources such as wash basins, sinks, suction apparatus, and disinfectants in the nursery as well as the neighbouring wards. Colonisation of the pharynx with this organism was demonstrated in several clinically healthy babies in the nursery. The possible role of fomites, hospital staff, newborn babies, and their mothers in the transmission of the organism is considered together with the measures taken to reduce environmental contamination.

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