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Morphometric differences between urothelial cells in voided urine of patients with grade I and grade II bladder tumours.
  1. M E Boon,
  2. P H Kurver,
  3. J P Baak,
  4. E C Ooms


    The morphometric differences between the urothelial cells in the voided urine of 24 patients with grade I and grade II bladder tumours were measured. In both wet-fixed Papanicolaou-stained smears as in air-dried Giemsa-stained preparations, the cells in the grade I tumours are larger and have more pronounced anisocytosis and a smaller nucleus to cytoplasm area (N/C) ratio. Although absolute dimensions of cells and nuclei in the two preparatory technique differ significantly, the average N/C ratios are similar. In both methods almost all grade I tumours have average N/C cell size ratios of less than 0.6 and grade II tumours more than 0.6. Morphometrically urothelial cells could not be distinguished from cells exfoliated from grade I bladder tumours. The results indicate that it is feasible to classify bladder tumours using the morphometric values of the exfoliated urothelial cells alone.

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