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Gastritis and cirrhosis--no association.
  1. R C Brown,
  2. G J Hardy,
  3. J M Temperley,
  4. K J Miloszewski,
  5. G Gowland,
  6. M S Losowsky


    Endoscopically sited gastric mucosal biopsies were taken from 98 patients with hepatic cirrhosis, and from 48 control patients. Nineteen patients with cirrhosis were found to have gastric ulcers, including eight with multiple erosions. In four of these eight, erosions were shown to arise in histologically normal mucosa. Among the remaining 79 patients with cirrhosis, the prevalence of chronic gastritis was not increased compared with controls of the same age-group. There was no increase in chronic gastritis in patients with alcoholic cirrhosis compared with either controls or patients with chronic active hepatitis and cirrhosis. The increased proneness of patients with cirrhosis to acute and chronic gastric mucosal lesions cannot be explained on the basis of an underlying chronic gastritis.

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