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Localisation of embryonic prealbumin in formalin-fixed human fetal and adult tissue.
  1. M E Gallon,
  2. W A Reid,
  3. G A McHardie,
  4. R Hardman,
  5. G D Smith,
  6. C H Horne,
  7. V V Kalashnikov,
  8. Y S Tatarinov


    The presence of embryonic prealbumin (EPA) has been confirmed in fetal fibroblasts, chondrocytes, and distal tubular epithelial cells by an indirect immunoperoxidase technique. EPA has often been found also in the stromal cells of benign and malignant mesodermal tumours, but not in the epithelial cells of benign and malignant epithelial tumours. That EPA is not an exclusive product of neoplastic mesodermal cells is demonstrated by our finding of EPA in fibroblasts of granulation tissue, irradiated fibroblasts, and in distal tubular epithelial cells of miscellaneous adult kidneys.

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