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Rapid identification of Corynebacterium vaginale in non-purulent vaginitis.
  1. J I Wells,
  2. S H Goei


    A simple set of tests is proposed to give excellent probability for the identification of Corynebacterium vaginale from clinical material. Using these tests, 380 C vaginale were isolated from genital tract specimens from 1402 patients. Of these isolates 70 were from symptomatic patients. These 70 isolates were subjected to a further set of tests to confirm their identity. The advantage of these primary tests is that they can be completed on the day of isolation of the organism. Of these 70 isolates 66 were confirmed as C vaginale thus giving the primary set of tests a 94% rate of accurate identification. However this rate may be increased beyond 97% by the promotion of one of the key secondary tests to the primary set.

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