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Comparative studies of a new commercial kit for the estimation of vitamin B12 in serum.
  1. H M Waters,
  2. J A Thornton,
  3. R F Stevens,
  4. A H Gowenlock,
  5. J E Maciver,
  6. I W Delamore


    A commercial kit method (Technia Diagnostics) for the estimation of serum vitamin B12 claiming certain practical advantages was examined. Analytical and clinical performance were compared with a non-commercial radioisotope B12 method, previously compared to other commercial radioisotope B12 methods. The kit's analytical performance in our hands was satisfactory, although the within-batch precision and recovery of added cyanocobalamin were disappointing. Clinical performance was comparable with the non-commercial B12 method. Establishment of suitable reference ranges as a prerequisite to diagnostic use is apparent.

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