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Evaluation of the Lumac kit for the detection of bacteriuria by bioluminescence.
  1. D Mackett,
  2. S Kessock-Philip,
  3. S Bascomb,
  4. C S Easmon


    Four hundred and twenty-two urine samples were screened for significant bacteriuria using bioluminescence and microscopy of uncentrifuged urine. A smaller number of false-negatives were seen with bioluminescence (10%) than with microscopy (40%) while both techniques gave a similar number of false-positives (18%). The kit required a large amount of manual preparation, largely pipetting. With this and the short shelf-life of the reconstituted reagents, it is not suitable for small numbers of urines. At 45p per urine, the cost of bioluminescence is too high.

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