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Demonstration of calcification fronts by in vivo and in vitro tetracycline labelling
  1. John McClure
  1. Adelaide Bone and Joint Research Unit, Division of Tissue Pathology, Institute of Medical and Veterinary Science, Frome Road, Adelaide, South Australia 5000


    In patients with chronic renal failure estimations of the extent of calcification fronts delineated by in vivo tetracycline labelling correlated well with estimates obtained after staining the fronts with haematoxylin dye (Raina method). Similarly there was a good correlation between the Raina method and the demonstration of calcification fronts with ultraviolet (UV) light fluorescence after immersion of the bone tissue in fixative containing a freshly prepared solution of 1% tetracycline. These studies indicate that this latter is a valid and useful technique for demonstrating calcification fronts in a situation where tetracycline cannot be administered systemically.

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