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Inhibitory effects of peripheral blood cells on in vitro colony formation by autologous bone marrow in aplastic anaemia: relation with response to immunosuppressive therapy.
  1. A Blasetti,
  2. A Faille,
  3. N Balitrand,
  4. E Gluckman,
  5. A Devergie,
  6. C Dresch


    The inhibitory activity of peripheral blood lymphocytes on autologous bone marrow was studied in 27 patients with aplastic anaemia after treatment with androgen. Inhibitory activity was hard to assess in 10 patients studied during the first year of treatment. The colony count was too low to be certain of differences between the samples incubated with or without lymphocytes. Among the 17 patients who had more than 10 colonies per 2 x 10(5) mononuclear bone marrow cells, nine showed inhibitory activity by peripheral blood lymphocytes. After 12 months of androgen therapy each of these patients showing inhibitory activity of bone marrow colony forming cells by peripheral lymphocytes responded to antithymocyte globulin. None of nine patients with few colony forming cells or no inhibitory activity of lymphocytes responded to immunosuppression.

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