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Measurement of the fasting urinary hydroxyproline: creatinine ratio in normal adults and its variation with age and sex.
  1. A Hodgkinson,
  2. T Thompson


    Conditions for the determination of the fasting urinary hydroxyproline: creatinine ratio (OHPr: Cr ratio) have been examined, using a resin-catalysed hydrolysis and automated colorimetric procedure for the determination of hydroxyproline. Feeding experiments with gelatin showed that hydroxyproline is rapidly absorbed and excreted in the urine and that a 12-hour (overnight) fast is sufficient to ensure correct and reproducible fasting OHPr: Cr ratios. The mean fasting OHPr: Cr ratio decreased slightly with increasing age in both men and premenopausal women but there was no significant difference between the sexes. There was, however, a significant increase in the mean ratio in postmenopausal women. The normal range of fasting OHPr: Cr ratios for men and premenopausal women was found to be 0.003--0.015.

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