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Granulomatous mastitis: a report of seven cases
  1. A Fletcher*,
  2. IM Magrath,
  3. RH Riddell,
  4. IC Talbot*
  1. * Department of Pathology, Clinical Sciences Building, Leicester Royal Infirmary, POB65, Leicester LE2 7LX
  2. Croydon Area Laboratory, Mayday Hospital, Mayday Road, Thornton Heath, Surrey, CR4 6YE
  3. Department of Pathology, University of Chicago, 950 East 95th Street, Chicago, Illinois, USA 60637


    The clinical history and histological features of seven cases of granulomatous mastitis are presented. The lesion occurs in young parous women as a tender extra-areolar breast lump. Histologically, non-caseating discrete granulomas are present, confined to breast lobules with, in three cases, coalescence of the granulomas and microabscess formation. Pathogenesis of the changes is discussed. It is thought that granulomatous mastitis is an entity morphologically distinct from duct ectasia/plasma cell mastitis and the commoner forms of granulomatous breast diseases.

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