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Report of a joint DMRQC/Organon field trial to detect hepatitis A IgM by ELISA.
  1. E M Supran,
  2. J Craske,
  3. R J Hart,
  4. J B Kurtz,
  5. J V Parry,
  6. S J Skidmore,
  7. P S Gardner


    The results of a field trial of a joint DMRQC/Organon ELISA kit for the detection of hepatitis A IgM antibody are reported. The participating laboratories were asked to use the kit to test a panel of 360 specimens consisting of duplicate coded samples of 180 sera. The panel was also tested by MACRIA in the Virus Reference Laboratory, Colindale. The ELISA was shown to be specific and sensitive giving good discrimination between acute and late convalescent hepatitis A sera. It was proposed that the same cut-off control as is used in the RIA (equivalent to 10 RIA units) should be adopted for the ELISA also.

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