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Effect of new plastics and leucocyte contamination on in vitro storage of platelet concentrates.
  1. M A Taylor,
  2. N P Tandy,
  3. I D Fraser


    Platelet concentrates were prepared for in vitro storage in either Fenwal PL-732 or Cutter CLX platelet packs. The units were stored at 22 degrees C for seven days with either horizontal or tumbler agitation. Measurement of pH, hypotonic shock response and serotonin uptake indicated in vitro viability was well maintained during 5-7 days storage using either type of pack with either mode of agitation. The longer storage interval did not effect either plasma fibrinogen concentrations or binding of monoclonal antibody, AN51. However, gross contamination of the units with leucocytes caused increased glucose consumption, substantial fall in pH and loss of in vitro viability after five days storage. The work suggests the shelf-life of platelet concentrates can be extended to five days and that they are clinically effective providing the leucocyte contamination is minimised.

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