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Clostridium perfringens and other anaerobes isolated from bile.
  1. Y Sakaguchi,
  2. K Murata,
  3. M Kimura


    Clostridium perfringens was isolated from bile in 13 cases of 150 patients examined. The serotypes of C perfringens strains isolated from bile and faeces were investigated using antisera to Hobbs' type 1-17. Two or more serological types were often found in a single specimen, but in the same patient the serotypes of C perfringens strains isolated from the bile were identical with those from the faeces. Beta-glucuronidase production in these C perfringens serotypes was tested with the API-Strep system. Strains agglutinated with Hobbs' antisera produced beta-glucuronidase, but non-agglutinated strains did not.

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