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A fluorimetric method for red blood cell sorbitol dehydrogenase activity.
  1. G Vaca,
  2. P Zúñiga,
  3. C Medina,
  4. R Alonso,
  5. G González-Quiroga,
  6. R I Ortíz-De-Luna,
  7. J M Cantú


    A new fluorimetric method for the quantification of red blood cell (RBC) sorbitol dehydrogenase is described. It is based on the oxidation of sorbitol to fructose, in presence of NAD+, catalysed by the RBC-sorbitol dehydrogenase. The quantity of NADH formed is then measured in a filter fluorimeter. Comparison with an indirect spectrophotometric assay yielded good correlation; however, the present method offers several advantages: it is more rapid, simple and inexpensive. It should be useful to screen for sorbitol dehydrogenase deficiency in large numbers of individuals, particularly patients with diabetes or cataracts.

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