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Analysis of the complexity of the multimeric structure of factor VIII related antigen/von Willebrand protein using a modified electrophoretic technique.
  1. M S Enayat,
  2. F G Hill


    A method for multimeric analysis of factor VIII related antigen/von Willebrand protein is described. By modifying an existing method the technique has been simplified and optimised so that the different molecular forms of factor VIII related antigen and their triplet structure can be visualised. Clear differences can be seen between patterns in normals and type IIA von Willebrand's disease variants in that the latter lack high and intermediate multimers and also have a different configuration to the triplet pattern in the lower molecular weight multimers. Differences in triplet pattern can also be seen in different type IIA patients. The advantages and further application of this method for investigating the molecular defect in von Willebrand's disease are discussed.

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